Whimsical and Feminine Nursery: Cedar Hill Project Reveal

Ladies and gentlemen. Ok, mostly ladies because I don't think a lot dudes read this.

I'd like to take a pause from the regularly scheduled blog post about my home renovations to bring you a project reveal. Because, that's my bread and butter. As in, that's how muh money comes in--and the renovation of my home? Yea. That's how the money goes out.

This project has been so much fun to work on. NURSERIES ARE MY FAVORITE! Please world, have more babies so I can do more nurseries. Yes. Go forth and procreate. And then hire me for the nursery :)

This little nursery is for a baby girl who's birth day should be ANY day now! She's the first girl for her momma, who has two (insanely adorable) little boys, so she wanted it to be fun, feminine, and have lots of purple and lilac. Umm, yes please.

Here's what the room looked like before:

After a few back and forth's about the function of the space, we settled in on a super cute design plan that is pretty modern but has all kinds of feminine and traditional nods (come on, I used BOWS in the design for goodness sake!). I didn't want it dripping with "babyish" things, but something she could grow and mature into. Here's a shot of the rendering I did at the beginning of our planning.

The room is small so I didn't want the walls to overwhelm the space, but they needed character. So, we added a GORGEOUS but subtle white with a grey wood grain wallpaper and layered the room with a simple white board and batten treatment on the bottom, and finished it off with custom drapery and bedding. Other major changes were a cute scalloped flush mount light, removing the changing table and putting the pad on the dresser (HUGE space saver) and adding a closet organization system. On the right is a picture of the closet before and after.

I couldn't be happier with the room's end result and was pretty giddy about it the whole time. Seriously. Like weirdly giddy.

Here ya go! Scroll down to see 'em all.