We're Swooning Over This Romantic Master Bedroom: Homestead Project Reveal

It's finally finished. This space "only" took about four and a half months to complete, but I suppose that's what you get when you put two toddlers in the mix and you're friends with the client so there's often more talking than there is working.

This room had a rocky start. It took my client and I a while to nail down the exact style she was looking for and to figure out how to give it the function she needed which was adding a "mom command center"/office, and a reading nook.

The rest of her house is beautifully decorated with a cozy and slightly rustic and industrial flair. It's pretty gorgeous. But she wanted her bedroom to have a completely different feel, yet still be cohesive with the rest of her home. Here's what the first draft rendering looked like. It very much played off the style of the other rooms in her house, but turns out, it was not at all what she wanted for her master bedroom.

The biggest changes we made from the initial design were replacing anything that had an industrial or masculine style to it and changed the bedding to an overstuffed and fluffy monochromatic scheme. In the end, we decided on a feminine (but not girly), romantic retreat using primarily greys, whites, and wood tones. I added subtle pops of glitz with mercury glass, silvers, and hammered glass accents.

Here are the final pics of the space. I loved how warm and inviting it turned out to be! We're already scheming about other rooms in her house I can work with her on, just so I can keep coming back :)