Yep. It's been a good year.

Its officially been one full year since I left my previous career and turned this interior design side gig into a full-time business and let me tell you, WOWZA. At the risk of my very limited mushy sentimental feelings coming out, this year has been one the best of my life. My ridiculously cute daughter turned 1, we bought a new house, my adorable niece was born, and this business has thrived (thanks to my supportive husband and awesome clients). Seriously, I couldn't ask for more.

This past year I've gotten to design for a myriad of clients, spaces, and styles: 9 living rooms, 3 nurseries, 4 offices, 4 master bedrooms, 3 guest rooms, 3 dining rooms, 2 kitchens and have styled countless other spaces. And it has been stupidly fun.

Now, I'm not a "people-person" by any stretch of the imagination, but my clients have really been one of my favorite parts of this business. Every one of them have been so different--style, personality, needs, wants, and budgets--and I have so enjoyed getting to know each of them. When you're designing someone's home, you get to know them really, really well, their quirks and lifestyle. I'll be honest, it's a blast when I have a client say "do whatever", allowing me to create a design from scratch. But with the rise of platforms like pinterest or houzz many of my clients have a very clear idea of what they want, so when I get to collaborate, I truly think it creates better designs.

Since I didn't have a blog when I first started, below is a "reveal" of one of my first projects. The goal was to create a sophisticated and charming country aesthetic without it being masculine or woodsy. And this project, of course, kept with my typically neutral color palette, bringing the interest and style through its pops of color, texture, and patterns.

Thanks to all of you who read my blog and have supported my business! Happy New Years and cheers to next year and many more designs!