Urban Rustic Retreat: Bishop Arts Project Reveal

Dallas' Bishop Arts district. 

It's a place all the 20- and 30-somethings are dying to live, having become widely popular in the last few years thanks to its unique art scene, restaurants, ridiculously cute historic houses, and close proximity to downtown Dallas. It's the type of place that simply makes you "cool" by association. The type of cool that rivals those of us living in suburbia.

Ok, maybe not that last part. My delusions of grandeur for my 80's house in the 'burbs sometimes slip through.

I digress.

All of these things made it the perfect place to call home for some of my clients. They own a fast-pace, long-hours business in uptown and, quite frankly, work their little tails off. Their design goal was pretty straightforward: create a retreat with bright clean lines and little rustic nod. 

Alrighty, enough talking. Picture time! Oh, and thanks to the incredibly talented Britt Latz photography for these photos. Because, really, I'm only as good as my disposable camera.