She Wanted a White Christmas

It snowed here yesterday. IT SNOWED HERE YESTERDAY. In Dallas. Like legit, stayed on the ground, could build a (very very tiny) snowman, lots of flakes, SNOW. Which was kind of ironic since I started writing this blog post yesterday and initially began this paragraph about how my sister told me how her husband promised to get her a "white Christmas" here in Dallas as a Christmas present and I thought she was cuh-razy.

However, the "white Christmas" that Destin lovingly promised her was actually a kitchen update, complete with oak cabinets all getting painted white.

Not gonna lie, I thought that was pretty clever. Kudos to Destin.

The sister in me was super excited for her because I knew how much she's wanted to update her kitchen since they moved in four-ish years ago. And the designer in me was excited because they have really fun taste and don't like boring. I brought over several back splash samples, picked a white paint for their cabinets, and selected new hardware. They chose an oversized gorgeous teal glass tile for the back splash - laid in a classic subway pattern, graphite hardware that you can't tell if its silvery or black (perfect with their black appliances and silver faucet, and dark bronze chandelier), and a bright pure white for the cabinets (SW Oxford White). It's nuts what a little paint can do; it made the already large kitchen look straight up massive.

So in four days, their kitchen went from this sea of blah of beige and tan:

To this! My sis has good taste if I do say so myself. It's like she has a designer for a sister! ;)