3 Week Room Makeover: Chimney Peak Living Room Reveal

I've never had a problem with lighting a fire under my butt when necessary. Give me a deadline and I'll give you a finished project. Bottom line, I can get crap done. 

I will say though, that this rush request definitely forced me to be on my A-game. I had just finished two projects and was in the planning staging for my next when I received an inquiry in mid-January about designing a room for a young couple that had just moved to Frisco. She wanted it to feel like home asap -- by asap, she meant as close to the end of January as possible which would be a two and a half week turnaround.

Ok. Challenge accepted. 

Her custom home had beautiful architecture and moldings, and was already painted a neutral and creamy ivory -- the perfect foundation to build on. Since this project was purely decorative and styling in nature (meaning no structural or permanent changes needed to be made) the hurried timeline wasn't as much of an issue since contractors and installers didn't need to be involved.

The living room opens up to a large kitchen and these two spaces made up the home's core. She wanted the living room to be fun, interesting and adult, with lots of layered textures and patterns. And if possible, a slight nod to the beach since her and the hubs both grew up near an ocean. Oh, and she wanted color, lots of color. When I asked what stores and styles she was drawn to, she quickly responded ZGallerie and then went on to be very specific that the Pottery Barn style hurt her soul a little bit.

Now that's funny. And right up my alley.


For those of you who want the deets on each piece...

I used a variety of textures and materials in this design: navy leather ottoman with acrylic legs (which I am straight up jealous of!); a faux cowhide rug on top of a woven diamond rug; a bold print navy armchair with bright smaller printed throw pillows; leather nail head side table with a glass apothecary style lamp; gold metal leg end table with a black high gloss glass top. Vintage coral botanical prints line the two opposite walls with a framed ocean-like water photo on the fireplace mantle and some nautical accessories to tie in their nod to the ocean.

I LOVE this room. It's definitely one of those rooms that you'll notice a new detail every time you go in there.