Sophisticated and Feminine Nursery Reveal ... and Some Big News!

Oh hey there. It's been a while. And by that, I mean about eight months. So I'll start this blog post off with my terrific excuses why it's been so long. 

1. I've written several mental blog posts, but unfortunately, that's where it ends. Now that I think about it, doing things in my head has become quite the habit -- dishes, laundry, dusting. I'm very productive in my head. But for some reason, doing things in my head doesn't actually get crap done. Who knew. 

2. Business is booming. Because I'm still officially a company of one, 99.9% of my time is being spent elsewhere, like, you know, with clients, leaving the marketing and blogging portion left wanting. I was planning to hire employees and superheroes to come help me, but then ...(read "Number 3" below).

3. I'M PREGGO!: whale-like, penguin waddle preggo. I forget things, do things slowly, pee like its my job, and am still having to chase a toddler and run a business. Don't get me wrong, my husband and I are stupid excited, but, well, I'm tired. Oh, and it's a boy by the way, Jack Lewis Seidl :) 

Now that I've shared the ever so long list of excueses, and my big (figuratively and physically) news is outta the bag, let's talk design.


DSC_0181 copy.jpg

This past fall, I had the privilege of designing a nursery for one of my favorite repeat clients. The last project I did for her was for her toddler's big girl room. Like the toddler room, she wanted the nursery to be clearly gender specific (a little girl!) but not juvenile. Thank you Jesus.

The room has a very small footprint so we had to be creative and completely practical with what was absolutely necessary to go in the room. It also demanded a design that was light and bright, maximizing the tiny space and not making it feel claustrophobic, because, baby don't need no cave. 


The total budget had been split between this nursery and the last room I worked with her on. We spent about two-thirds of it on the toddler room since we were essentially doing that room from scratch. The nursery had an existing dresser and crib so it didn't demand a large budget...we're talking under $2,500 total. Doing a feature wall was important to give the room a "wow" moment, but wallpaper was out the question with our budget.  I chose this greyscale floral wall decal from Urban Walls. So great on the budget and works on lightly textured walls. Looks like wallpaper, right? 

The color scheme needed to be a fresh, airy combo so we chose a light blush pink, white, and grey. All the walls were already painted a light grey, so I had three of the walls repainted SW Snowbound. It's a nice bright but slightly creamy white


This wood and metal chandelier with parchment glass tear drops give the room an elegant and sophisticated feel. White cotton velvet drapery frame out the window, and a whimsical blush watercolor gives a soft pop above the dresser.