California Modern: Golf Club Drive Project Reveal

So, I'm feeling feisty-er than normal today.

It's raining outside and I'm still in my PJ's because I've been in front of my computer all morning, balancing my books, and sending invoices. I can’t believe people love doing that stuff for a living. God bless you. For real. God.Bless.You. (and QuickBooks).

I have Norah Jones playing in the background which is normally quite relaxing for me, helping me to focus, but I guess she decided to dabble in some R&B type mixing? Seriously. Girl, don't. It's just weird. So now I’ll just switch it to my all-time favorite, Etta James. Now that woman never disappoints.

Someone recently told me they liked my writing because it was very much "train of thought" writing. I thought that was pretty funny, because, well if you really knew how my mind thinks and processes, it'd be like watching a bunch of chickens try to play the game Twister. 

I seriously digress. 

Golf Club Drive Project. The long-awaited reveal is here. This is a project I completed a while ago and the pics have been plastered all over my facebook and instagram for a while now. And (spoiler alert) all my favorite images are already on my portfolio page

This was such a fun project to work on. My clients are Toyota employees and moved here from LA when Toyota decided to plop it’s headquarters here in Plano. The home was a new custom build so we got to start from scratch with most of the details. The clients wanted a fresh, modern, clean home with bright splashes of greens and blues and little hits of rustic. They also have two young kids so of course, it had to be kid-friendly first and foremost. Their style bordered between modern scandinavian design (clean simple lines, neutral colors, takes cues from function and minimalism) and rustic modern (raw, distressed wood with neutral colors and cozy textures). In the end, I themed the design “California Modern.”

This project covered the entire home: foyer, their son’s bedroom, daughter’s bedroom, home office, study, open-concept living/dining/kitchen, master bedroom, and playroom. We didn’t move around any walls or mess with the structure; the project consisted primarily of new furnishings, drapery, paint, and wall coverings The budget was between $50,000-$100,000 and the project took approximately five months to complete.

When you walk in the front door, you enter the foyer. We wanted this to be uncluttered and bright, with an interesting piece of furniture. This console table was the perfect size and style, with its rustic worn wood, and unusual sloped design.


If you keep walking straight, you’d go in to the open concept living space: living room, dining room, study, and kitchen. The challenge with these types of spaces is that while the open concept space had to be cohesive in design, every space needed to have a specific purpose and its own unique design.



1.) Sofa and teal chair: Joybird; 2.) Coffee table: Living Spaces; 3.) Custom upholstered arm chairs: Bassett; 4.) Drapery panels: West Elm; 5.) Natural wood roller shades: The Shade Store



1.) Dining table and bench: Restoration Hardware; 2.) White plastic dining chairs: Wayfair; 3.) Wall art: Minted; 4.) Drapery: West Elm; 5.) Wood roller shades: The Shade Store; 6.) Buffet console: CB2; 7.) Lamps on buffet: West Elm



1.) Paint: Sherwin Williams “Quietude”; 2.) Desk Chairs: West Elm; 3.) Wall art: Hobby Lobby; 4.) White solar roller shades: The Shade Store; 6.) Rug: RugsUSA; 7.) Custom Upholstered Chaise: Bassett


Stay tuned for another blog post where we’ll reveal the master bedroom, two kids’ bedrooms, home office, and the playroom!  

Photography by: Jen Burner Photography